Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Starters

One of my favorite designers is Ella Moss. I love how all of her clothes can be worn off the runway and are very versatile. Her summer line is adorable, and I have been eyeing a couple of key pieces. Part of my wish list is the Kingston Smock Skirt. I prefer it in the blue and red, the burst of color is fantastic and I think it would be the standout piece of any outfit. Paired with a simple tank and a belt, you could wear it out shopping or even out on a date. Also, the Portico Tunic is very charming. My favorite is the white because it is very elegant and feels very “beachy chic”. I really love the Sedona Cuffed Shorts, they are very feminine, but give you something a little different from your normal pair of shorts. I would wear them with a cute blouse and gladiators. I can spend hours looking at her website and all the amazing clothes, too bad we are in a recession and all I can do is look!

1. Sedona Cuffed Shorts- ellamoss.com $98.00

2. Portico Tunic –ellamoss.com $141.00

3. Kingston Smock Skirt- ellamoss.com $121.00


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