Monday, July 18, 2011

Shopping in NYC

Hi lovelies! I have been traveling on the east coast for the past week and am now at a summer program at Yale University. While on my trip, I stopped in NYC and did some shopping. I also saw Catch Me if You Can, which is a fabulous Broadway musical. The lead, Aaron Tveit, is incredibly gorgeous and has an amazing voice, and the other lead, Norbert Leo Butz, won the Tony award for best male actor in a musical.

Another highlight of my New York day was shopping at TopShop. I really wish LA had one because let me tell you how cute the clothes are...VERY! While I was shopping, an employee randomly came up and took my clothes to the personal shopping area of the store. I was provided a huge room to try on clothes, given water in special “Personal Shopping” bottles, offered cupcakes and candy, and didn’t have to wait to pay for my purchases! The personal shopper took the credit card while I sat an enjoyed my treats! Additionally, students get 10% off, which is crazy wonderful! All of this special treatment was free, so next time you’re in New York you should call ahead to Topshop and make a personal shopping appointment!

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