Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmy Fashion!

Hello everyone! My favorite part of award shows is always the fashion. Watching all the stars come down the red carpet in their glamorous apparel is so much fun! Tonight some of my favorite dresses were worn by Claire Danes, Jayma Mays, Julie Benz, and Lea Michele. I noticed a trend in dresses, there were a lot of neutral colors and a lot of darker colors. There were hardly any in-betweens. Claire Danes's dress was perfect, it was sweet, feminine, and absolutely gorgeous. Jayma Mays looked fabulous as well; I loved the detailing on her dress. Julie Benz looked great in a one-shoulder cream dress, simple and sophisticated. Last but not least, I adored Lea Michele's dress. It was great that it was blue and the ruffles at the bottom gave it a little edge. The intro to the show was hilarious, but I was disappointed GLEE didn't win more awards! What did all of you think?

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