Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brandy Melville

This past weekend I went shopping with some friends at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  We spent most our time at Brandy Melville, a super cute store that is ridiculously affordable.  I cannot believe that I had not discovered this store months ago when it first opened!  I bought four adorable tops for $95.  All ranging in price from $20-$35.  The only down side was that the store filled with customers, so the staff was not able to keep up with refolding the merchandise and, as a result, displays were messy.  However, I'm not complaining!  There was no way the staff could keep up with the flow of customers looking to find the latest styles at great prices.  There are multiple locations and everyone should definitely stop by.  I am already planing my next visit!

Pictures from http://www.brandymelvilleusa.com/


  1. Sounds like a great find. Looks like they have stores here, in Northern California too. I want to check it out.


  2. love brandy melville! they opened a store in nyc now ;)


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