Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Problem: One thing I have noticed about my wardrobe choices throughout my first semester of college is the abundance of leggings/yoga pants. Throughout high school I would wear jeans everyday, occasionally leggings or sometimes even a colored jean. However, at college I can hardly ever bring myself to put on a pair of jeans. I wake up and want to put on the most comfortable outfit, which leads me to my pair of black leggings. My leggings and yoga pants have also become interchangeable.

Solution: This semester I am making a promise to myself to wear jeans more often and dress more fashionably to class. Even though I wear cute outfits when I go out, I think dressing up for class a couple times a week will make school a little more exciting. Wearing leggings with some sort of texture or added embellishment can dress up an outfit. I am going to try and save my black Lululemons for the gym and my textured "riding" leggings for school days.

Pictures from Free People and Lululemon

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