Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Favorite Summer Dress

Every summer I yearn for a perfect summer dress. Something that is effortless, easy, and won't go out of style. These are a lot of requirements, which is why I usually never find my "perfect" dress. However, this year I think I have finally found it (or close to it). While shopping with my mom at Free People I stumbled upon THE frock! It is a black, loose fitting tank dress with lace and eyelet fabric. When I tried it on, I absolutely fell in love. I wore it for my birthday lunch with a cute pair of summer sandals, but I was also able to dress it up for work by adding a colorful, yet more conservative blazer! Unfortunately I cannot find it on the Free People website (even though I have seen it recently in stores), but here is a picture of me wearing it!  Let me know what you think?
I'm the second from the right. I love how the dress is simple but fun!

Here I am with my friends being silly. I'm in the middle pointing at you, and from this angle you can see the detailing on the side a little better!

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